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“...They Are Sure To Add To Better
Conversion Rates”

Yes - I was really happy with the templates - Nice clean modern designs and very easy to use... Considering I buy a lot of templates I was very impressed with the package you have put together.

I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with your direct response templates - A real time saver for me and the nice clean modern designs are terrific, they are sure to add to better conversion rates.

Simon Hodgkinson

From the desk of Carl "Kidblogger" Ocab
Founder of the best selling "Ultimate Blogging Theme"
February 27, 2014, 8:20 a.m.

Dear Friend,

How many times did you wish you have your personal coder beside you so you could simply tell him to snap up a quick squeeze page, salesletter or a minisite?

Isn’t it so amazing? You could launch a dozen projects in just a few hours and start making money and not getting tied up with the messy coding of your sites.

And you will start to feel better and better about it because there will be...

  • No more shouting over the phone or tons of emails contacting your programmer.
  • No more messy coding.
  • No more tsk, tsk, tsk,. because of the pathetic conversions.

Because I believe that as a marketer your main goal is to make money, I will share with you these proven and tested templates.

Now, imagine having these templates. You can...

  • Launch your minisites, salesletters, squeeze pages in less than 15 minutes.
  • Boost your conversion rates.
  • Save your hard earned cash for graphic design.

You'll be glad to know that here is the better solution...Fortunately...

The Direct Response Templates

With the Direct Response Templates all you do is add your sales copy, link to your order button and add graphics if necessary.

There are 6 templates. Each template consists of 4 color variations. Total - 24 templates you get

Each of these precision engineered fast loading templates are easy to manipulate. No headaches.

I have also made an easy to understand video tutorial for your convenience.

Here are the Direct Response Templates...

Crisp Magic

Colors included

(Click to enlarge,
may take 5 seconds
for the image to load)

Web 2.0 Wave

Colors included

(Click to enlarge,
may take 5 seconds
for the image to load)

Clean Cut

Colors included

(Click to enlarge,
may take 5 seconds
for the image to load)

News Press

Colors included

(Click to enlarge,
may take 5 seconds
for the image to load)

Smooth Ground

Colors included

(Click to enlarge,
may take 5 seconds
for the image to load)

Clean Cut Sidebar

Colors included

(Click to enlarge,
may take 5 seconds
for the image to load)

Just Seeing One Template, I Can Say
It Is First-Class

Your "Direct Response Templates" are beautiful! Just seeing one template, I can say it is first-class.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder but anyone who sees this would definitely admire it.

Nice job, Carl! Keep up the good work...

Ian del Carmen

See yourself with so much free time you will have more fun and enjoyment with your family and friends - heck even with games.

And to boost your conversion further more...

Your Bonuses

Bonus No.1 - Salestickies

Do you know that handwritten looking images have been proven to boost conversion rates?

They grab the reader's attention.

See the striking samples below:

You get 70 Salestickes

Yes, you get these images (they're called Salestickies) when you download the Direct Response Templates.

You also get the fonts so you can install on Windows to use on Photoshop, MS Word or any word processor you like.

It's so easy to use. You will need just 3 minutes to stick 4 or 5 of them into your minisites and salesletters and watch conversions soar.

Yes, even without changing a single thing in your salesletter or minisites.

Take a look at them in action...

Bonus No.2 - PLR Graphics Package

I'll throw in a PLR (Private Label Rights) graphics package you can add in your templates, give away to your subscribers or even sell.

This amazing package includes 80 graphics varies from buttons and seals and 20 more minisite templates with PSD and HTML version so you can edit them to your liking.

Bonus No.3 - Click-Magnet Buttons

Click-Magnet buttons that comes in different colors for different situations.

Need a button for a signup page? You got it!

Need a button for a download page? You got it!

Need a button for an order page? It's there!

You get 23 click-magnet buttons

Bonus No.4 - Golden Guarantee Seals

Another never before released product of ours (Because we make our own stuff) - are the guarantee seals.

The Golden Guarantee Seals surely enhances the value of your site. It adds seriousness, should I say.

The seals can also stand for quality or warranty. The Golden Guarantee Seals also give promise or reassurance of the credibility of your product or service.

You get 11 golden guarantee seals

Take a look below...

"This Package Is Absolutely Worth Every Single Penny"

I'm totally blown away with the "Direct Response Templates" package I downloaded. I know for a fact that a good graphics designer doesn't come cheap, and there's absolutely no reason to get one in the first place if you can get pre-made graphics.

Carl's graphics are simply first class, and I love the "Web 2.0" feel to them. This package is absolutely worth every single penny!

Gobala Krishnan

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You Know That Hiring A Graphics Designer
Is Not A Good Alternative...

And that's only for a graphic design, you also need to code it into a real website adding another $25/hr minimum!

That's $50/hr for a website! What if it takes your designer 2 hours to make them? Or even 3?

"Five Good Reasons To Buy"

  1. First, you hit the ground running on Day 1 of your project.
  2. Second, this is REALLY EASY TO USE.
  3. Third, you can now focus on the activities that make you money.
  4. Fourth, the PRICE is insane. And you can use these templates to dozens of your squeeze pages and salesletters.
  5. Fifth, you have 60 full days to try these templates. If it's not for you for WHATEVER REASON... then the risk is on us... and you get your money back. No worries.

"My 60 Day Guarantee"

To take away all your disbelief, your doubts or whatever it is, you are protected by my 60 day money back guarantee.

If for any reason, you are not satisfied with the package within 60 days, send me an email with just one valid reason why you want a refund and I'll completely send back every cent.

Although honestly, you don't need to worry for a refund because this package is simply what I told you - it boosted your conversion,and minisite creation is a snap and it's all high class graphics!

Before You Get The Direct Response Templates, There's Something You Must Understand

I want to back off a little bit, I want to weed out the weak.

Yes, this is definitely not for everybody. This is not for you if you are the kind of person who:

  • Doesn't implement stuff
  • Is not serious about making money
  • Is just waiting for the "magic pill"

Let's face it, not all people fit in.

Now Here's What You Need To Do...

You know this is a great and unique offer.

I spent a lot of time and effort testing which formats, layouts, buttons, colors and fonts would work to increase conversions. And I am sharing this with you.

Now, you'll have to experience it yourself.

So you can go ahead and click the "Add To Cart" button below:

Try Direct Response Templates Today Risk Free!

Yes, I want my own copy of your brand new Direct Response Templates for only $87 so I can start using it for striking minisites, squeeze pages and sales letters that will skyrocket my conversion rate.

Retail Price $87 Sale Only $67

The templates can be edited with ANY HTML editor
PSD files of headers, buttons and seals are included

Carl "Kidblogger" Ocab

PS - If you were doubtful, I can understand that. I was too. I'm just asking you to keep back your doubt for a while and use these Direct Response Tem

"These templates look great, are easy to optimize..."

These templates look great, are easy to optimize and will convert great I'm sure, it's so much easier to grab nice templates to use for squeeze pages and review/presell money pages.

You did an excellent job getting these produced and explaining exactly how they can be used.

Eric Rockefeller

"No need to ask the designer to accompany you while you are writing your copy anymore"

In today's world of Internet, we are all talking about Web 2.0. And it comes with simplicity, yet elegant with style. We no longer use those kind of graphics commonly seen in Geocities back in 1997.

Yesterday's websites are trying very hard to become personal with their artificial photographs... And now, Carl is going to show you his personal way of displaying today's Web 2.0 websites...

With Carl's personalized templates that are so handy and you can pull them out easily to use, your website is going to look as though it is handwritten if you want to! They give the feel of Web 2.0 which stand out immediately from the rest of the minisites! No need to ask the designer to accompany you while you are writing your copy anymore. Sales letters have just gotten its Web 2.0 feel here!

Charles Lau

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